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Updates, Dec 6, 2016: Onion Browser is now free. Read more about it here, and consider backing the project using the buttons at the bottom of the page. Onion Browser was also recently featured on the official Tor Project Blog.

Security Notice, Nov 30, 2016: Onion Browser is not affected by the recent zero-day exploit against Tor users. The exploit only targets Firefox-based browsers, such as Tor Browser or Orfox.

Onion Browser 1.6, Aug 7, 2016: The 1.6 update series includes iOS 10 fixes and introduces support for "obfs4" and "meek" bridges -- which help improve access to Tor if your provider is blocking connections to Tor. Please update in the App Store. If this update is working well for you, please consider leaving a review in the App Store.

Security Notes: To ensure that cookies & cache are wiped from your device, press "New Identity" before quitting the app. Users should not press the "Define" function that appears when selecting text: this will leak traffic outside of Tor. Read more tips on staying anonymous using Tor »

Running into issues? Check the built-in help page. For the latest information about Tor, see the Tor Project blog.

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